Licata Custom Knives

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Odds and ends

Rapier of Fear D2 blade with stainless guards and abalone inlay 39 inches overall


Estoc D2 blade with 304 stainless gaurds, ebony scales with blue goldstone cabochons

Scimitar 1095 blade with brass gaurds and purpleheart handle scales



D2 Purpleheart Sword

D2 sword with purpleheart handle and abalone inlay


5 foot 1 inch great sword $10,000


Damascus broadsword full tnag with cocobolo scales and amber inlays 38 inches overall $1600

Damascus drow katana 38 inches overall full tang with cocobolo scales and abalone inlay


Damascus sword with cocobolo scales and tigerseye cabochons 32 inches overall


Sword catcher full tang damascus blade with stainelss gaurds, abalone inlay and red onyx handle scales

32 1/2 inches overall $2000