Licata Custom Knives

Available Folders Daggers Pins Flail & Mace Axes Armor Motorcycle parts Hair sticks
Guitars Swords Curved Spike Unusual Rings  Chain mail jackets Links
Odds and ends

Raven Armoury in the U.K.

Great traditional and fantasy blades

 They also have some of my blades in there showroom available for sale


World of Isabella Inc.

Custom Knives

Custom, Hand Crafted Wands and Staffs Ready for Delivery.

These Museum Quality Wands are All Hand Made one at a time, using a Wood Lathe and Hand Tools to Shape the Wood.


JW Smith and Sons custom knives

Great armor site worth checking out Armurerie Du Duche


Click Here For Cutler's Cove Vintage Knives

Discount Knives at Knife Outlet AMlinks



Comp-U-Garg Gargoyles & Dragons Statues. 


Kales One

Armory card game from M.E.K. Games

RENAISSANCE WAX/POLISH (product description) An extra-ordinary wax/polish. Restore, refresh and protect your antiques, cutlery, furniture, precious metals, armory, collectibles, art, photography and much, much more. It's uses are endless. The #1 choice of museums, galleries and professionals worldwide.


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