Licata Custom Knives

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Wings are D2 steel, chest and back plates are stainless steel with abalone inlays,

tail is gemsbok oryx horn with a buffalo horn spacer,

head is African water buffalo horn with garnets in the eyes. Wing span 11 1/8 and 39 inches overall.

Item #Dragon1 $2000.

Military hook 440c stainless blade, 304 stainless shaft with 7 8mm amythist stones inlayed 24 inches overall $650 Item # A9

304 stainless flail with abalone inlays $1000 Item # A10

Stainless hand axw with onxy cabochons 15 1/2 inches overall $250 item #A23

Stainless steel trowing spider 6 inches across with amber inlays on both sides

$425 item #A30

War Axe 440c stainless steel head, 304 stainless shaft with twentyfour 10mm abalone inlays

39 inches overall $1200 item #D1

Long handled knife 9 inch blade with 18 inch cocobolo shaft

$275 item #A40


War hammer 304 stainless steel 18 inches overall with 14 abalone inlays

Item #H1 $500.

Spike mace 18 inches overall with 12 abalone inlays 304 stainless steel

Item #H2 $425.

D2 head with stainless overlays, stainless shaft ,

sixteen 10mm tigers eye cabochons and cocobolo scales 49 3/4 inches overall

Item #Trident 1 $1000.

Double overlayed septer in 440c and 304 stainless steel with purplheart shaft and tiger eye inlay

$1000 item # A6