Licata Custom Knives

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Crown stainless steel and leather with 2 10mm garnets

Item #Gcrown1 $375


Crowm with lapis Lazuli Item #Lpcrown $325

stainless hair sticks with bat charms and black and red chainmail item #KZ66 $45

Steampunk hair sticks 5 3/4 inches Item #MKZ3 $45

top knot holder small with amethyst point and stone Item# TOP2 $50

Vampire skull hair sticks item #HH3 $45.

Masked crown with horn and garnet item #Mcrown $400

Top hat with stainless hat band and amber cabochon item #abhat $350

Top hat with stainless hat band and garnet item #garhat $300

stainless hair sticks with faceted garnets item #gstick1 $50

brass hair sticks with skull beads Item #Bskull1 $45

stainless steel hat band to add to your hat with garnet item #HB1 $250

Stainless steel hat band with amethyst to add to your hat item #HB2 $250


comb with amethyst item # HC35 $55

comb with amethyst item # HC33 $45

comb with amethyst item # HC34 $45

hair comb with garnet Item #HCM1 $45.

hair comb with garnet item #HH1 $45